September 24, 2013

Today we are excited to announce our $4MM Series A round led by FirstMark Capital with participation from the NYU Venture Fund and a number of prominent angel investors.  

BioDigital has been pioneering the use of 3D technology to simplify health concepts for a decade.  Regardless of the customer the underlying problem remained the same: traditional methods of communicating health information were no longer adequate. Furthermore, the consumer appetite for information is unprecedented, but the format its delivered in is hard to digest.  3D technology has already changed the face of games, movies and with geo-browsers like Google Earth the way we navigate our planet, but nowhere does 3D make more sense than in representing the human body. The body is a dynamic, complex system and understanding it using text and static 2D illustration is inherently flawed. BioDigital has been fortunate over the last decade to provide innovative solutions to this problem to a range of healthcare customers such as hospitals, medical schools, device and pharma. 

Two years ago we saw some profound changes happening in the development of the Web.  For the first time, as part of the HTML5 spec,  3D would be natively supported in browsers.  We also saw the rapid emergence of cloud and API based businesses. We are clearly entering a new phase of the web: a services oriented model which leverages rich interactive media as a better means of conveying information.  All these things inspired us to take the IP we’ve built over the years and create the definitive place for immersive health content on the Web, which we call the BioDigital Human Platform.  

Since the launch 12 months ago, the Human has exceeded our greatest expectations. More than one million members have joined across an array of use cases.  Students from over 2500 schools are using it to learn anatomy; consumers are using it to understand and share everything from fitness to health conditions; healthcare providers are now introducing it within their clinics to better communicate with their patients. All this is just the beginning.  The most exciting part is still to come: a community developing novel applications on the platform to improve healthcare in ways we never would have imagined. 

Building the first true 3D virtual body platform that finally allows people to see what’s happening below our skin is a massive undertaking and we are proud to receive FirstMark’s support. Our technology, at the intersection of consumer, health, education and digital media is well aligned with FirstMark’s expertise. The investment will allow us to accelerate the development of features and API functionality requested by our users while furthering our mission to make health and human body understandable to everyone.

In order to reach these lofty goals we are now seeking ambitious, creative and smart people who are passionate about improving global health to join our team.  Work with us to leave the world in a better place than we found it!